Fishing Tips

Claytor Lake has 8lb Largemouth's and 6lb Smallmouth's, but Claytor is stingy with these fish. You have to put in your time on the lake, find the structure, pattern the baitfish to be successful.

Spring time bass fishing on claytor. When the water temperature is still in the 40's, jigging spoons (Cotton Cordell CC spoon 3/4oz) is the best choice. As the water temp hits the 50's, you have more choices. Jerk Baits (River 2 Sea's Suspen' Minnow 88, IMA's Flit, and Lucky Craft's Pointers and Staysees) are the best choice. Crankbaits (Hot Shot Lures Go-Devil jr, Rebel's Deep Wee R, Spro's Lil John, Buckeye Lures Short Circuit) are also good choices for covering water and finding active fish. When the water temperature hit the 60's the Bass are in the mood for Love. Look for spawning fish in shallow flat rocky areas.

Summer time bass fishing can test your patience. A good technique for this time of year is Drop-shotting a 4 1/2" Roboworm straight tail worm. Skipping a Gary Yamamoto senko rigged wacky style under docks also produces well. Fishing at night can be fruitful and also peaceful. Not only is there less boat traffic, but due to this the bass feed more. Hot Shot Lures Midnight special spinnerbait is my go-to lure for night fishing. Chatterbaits also works good.

Fall fishing is all about finding the baitfish. Top water action with walking baits (Lucky Craft's Sammy & Gunfish) can be exciting. Popper style baits (Rico's and Lucky Craft's S-8) also call up bass. Shad pattern crankbaits, Double willow leaf spinnerbaits, Zoom Super flukes are all good choices this time of year.

Winter fishing can produce a bass of a lifetime if you can handle the weather. Jigging spoons in deep water work well. Slowly dragging a jig (Hot Shot Lures Jig) can produce a big bite. Small hair jigs (Spro Bucktails, Blakemore Roadrunners) are smallmouth favorites.